Better Pasta, Better Diet Says New Research

Toss your Pasta with other healthy ingredients such as vegetables, beans, lean proteins, olive oil, and herbs for an easy, balanced Mediterranean-style meal. The way you eat pasta could have an impact on the quality of your diet, a research from Purdue University...

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World Pasta Day 2017 – São Paulo, 25th October

Since the first edition, held in 1998 in Naples (Italy), the celebration has gone through distant countries but all of them united by one passion: pasta! This year ABIMAPI is honored to receive World Pasta Day 2017, in Brasil specifically in the city of São Paulo, one...

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#CARBONARADAY: ARE YOU A PURIST OR AN INNOVATOR? Thursday 6th April 2017, 12 noon - 2 pm CEST & 1pm - 2pm EDT On the 6th April 2016 – exactly one year ago – a controversy erupted after a video recipe was posted online that shook up one of the most well-known pasta...

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Top Regions: World Pasta Production
  • Central & South America 21.0%
  • North America 14.4%
  • U.E. 33.6%
  • Other Europe 19.4%
by volume in tonnes - 2017

@Int_Pasta_Org So true!! Pasta is so popular, especially now during the pandemic, that all brands are in short supply in the Berkshires in MA. Many supermarkets only allow 2 pounds to be sold per customer

Pasta: the meaning behind each shape via @Int_Pasta_Org

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