The Truth About Pasta TED-Ed Lessons

Welcome to the new The Truth About Pasta TED-ED Lessons.
Each lesson features a new and different topic — all pointing to The Truth About Pasta.
The truth is…pasta is healthy, sustainable, convenient, delicious, affordable, doesn’t make you fat, and much, much more.
Be sure to look for each new issue, with more topics and information.

This month we are introducing a NEW TED-Ed lesson which explains why Pasta is Good for You.
There is no reason to eliminate or avoid entire food groups, especially ones that supply essential nutrients like carbohydrates. The truth is, complex carbohydrates, like pasta, are more slowly digested, offering the body a steady source of energy.
Plus, healthy pasta meals are a delicious way to eat more vegetables, legumes and other healthy foods often under-consumed.
After you view the video, test your knowledge with our TED-Ed lesson.
Our previous TED-ed lessons are listed below:
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