On World Pasta Day 2018, student chefs from the International Centre for Culinary Arts
(ICCA) Dubai will demonstrate recipes like this Curry Pasta Salad (South Africa) to showcase the inclusiveness of pasta in cuisines around the world.

Photo credit: ICCA Dubai


• 100 gr. Penne pasta
• 50 gr. Mayonnaise
• 2 gr. Cayenne pepper
• 2 gr. Curry powder
• 2 gr. Chili powder
• 4 gr. Turmeric
• 5 ml. Cream


1. Cook the pasta in boiling salted water and refresh the pasta in boiling water when needed.
2. In a pan roast all the spices lightly in a touch of oil. Let cool.
3. Once the spice mix comes to room temperature add mayonnaise and mix well.
4. Season the mayonnaise – spice mixture to taste.
5. Add the paste to the cooked pasta and mix well. Add cream.
6. Check the seasoning once more.
7. Serve in a bowl and garnish with cherry tomatoes and micro greens.

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Top Regions: World Pasta Production
  • Central & South America 21.0%
  • North America 14.4%
  • U.E. 33.6%
  • Other Europe 19.4%
by volume in tonnes - 2017

#WorldHappinessDay: let’s celebrate with pasta :) #welovepasta https://t.co/R4Msz7tH3i

Pasta is eco-friendly: in 10 years CO2 emissions have decreased by 22% and water consumption by 20%. Its packaging is 100% recyclable and its cooking water can be used in many ways. Enjoy pasta! #welovepasta

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