Power of Pasta: 3 million+ plates of pasta donated for world pasta day (oct. 25)

Global charity initiative shares simple, delicious, and sustainable pasta   SAO PAULO, Brazil, Oct. 23, 2017 – On Wednesday, Oct. 25, World Pasta Day, celebrity chefs Bruno Serato and David Hertz will announce the global pasta industry’s “The Power of Pasta” initiative.   More than 3 million plates of pasta have been donated to various charities […]

Better Pasta, Better Diet Says New Research

Toss your Pasta with other healthy ingredients such as vegetables, beans, lean proteins, olive oil, and herbs for an easy, balanced Mediterranean-style meal. The way you eat pasta could have an impact on the quality of your diet, a research from Purdue University reveals. Researchers found that only about 2.5 percent of the adult American […]

World Pasta Day 2017 – São Paulo, 25th October

Since the first edition, held in 1998 in Naples (Italy), the celebration has gone through distant countries but all of them united by one passion: pasta! This year ABIMAPI is honored to receive World Pasta Day 2017, in Brasil specifically in the city of São Paulo, one of the world capitals of gastronomy, events destination, fairs […]


• EMERGING MARKETS SHOW STRONG POTENTIAL • RESURGENCE OF GROWTH IN SOME MATURE MARKETS   Consumer trends related to health and sustainability are driving pasta sales along with strong growth in key countries, according to data shared by The Nielsen Company at an international gathering of pasta producers last 30 May in Uzwil, Switzerland. Stefano […]


  6 APRIL 2017: #CARBONARADAY PASTA LOVERS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD CELEBRATE THE MOST LOVED (AND IMITATED) ITALIAN RECIPE THE DEBATE IS OPEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA: PURISTS OR INNOVATORS? How to prepare Pasta Carbonara is a discussion that has been going on forever among millions of food lovers all over the world, and the dialogue […]


#CARBONARADAY: ARE YOU A PURIST OR AN INNOVATOR? Thursday 6th April 2017, 12 noon – 2 pm CEST & 1pm – 2pm EDT On the 6th April 2016 – exactly one year ago – a controversy erupted after a video recipe was posted online that shook up one of the most well-known pasta dishes: carbonara. […]

Russian Scientists Agree: Pasta, a Tasty Food That Brings People Together, is Healthy for People and the Planet

In 2015, twenty nutrition experts from nine countries came together in Milan to update the Scientific Consensus Statement on Healthy Pasta Meals. This year, we are excited to announce that a 10th country signed onto the consensus, as World Pasta Day 2016 was celebrated in Moscow, Russia. “As one of the world’s top producers and […]

World Pasta Day 2016 Moscow – Penne alla Vodka is this year’s cool dish

  WHAT WHO It’s been a good year for pasta — Google’s Food Trends 2016 Report touts its comeback, elite atlete powered up with pasta meals this summer, and a new study indicates pasta doesn’t make you fat. So join in the celebration on World Pasta Day. As a nod to a veritable “United Nations […]

The Truth About Pasta: Pasta is Good For You – Check out our new TED-Ed Lesson !

  Pasta is Good For You September 2016  Welcome to the new issue of The Truth About Pasta, the newsletter from the International Pasta Organization. Each newsletter features a new and different topic — all pointing to The Truth About Pasta. The truth is…pasta is healthy, sustainable, convenient, delicious, affordable, doesn’t make you fat, and much, […]

Pasta is Energy at Rio2016