It is good, it does not make you fat and makes you happy. On the occasion of the World Happiness Day, this is why eating pasta puts us in a good mood

Good mood – Pasta can contribute to a good mood and the reason is all in the brain. A good pasta dish is not only the king of the table and a gratification for the palate that is good for conviviality but also a food that stimulates endorphins, also called “happiness hormones”. To support it the scientific evidence and experts who explain to us what is the mechanism underlying the satisfaction and psycho-physical well-being that is reached after consuming an excellent dish of spaghetti with tomato sauce or a delicious carbonara.

Carbohydrates is the answer – Carbohydrates are molecules made of sugar, therefore the sugar taken by our intestine and arrived at the brain determines this feeling of well-being. In the intestinal tract there are taste receptors that also act on the central nervous system through hormonal and neurohormonal mechanisms that give us a memory of sugar intake. When eating carbohydrates (but also chocolate and almonds) then endorphins are stimulated which transmit a feeling of well-being.

We love pasta – If we add that pasta is also a key component of many traditional food models, such as the Mediterranean diet and helps to prevent and slow down the development of serious chronic diseases, and that it is a key food for those who play sports and wants to keep fit, as confirmed by the international scientific community, and we all pasta lovers can only be happy with it.

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