Do you know there are more than 500 shapes of pasta? Here’s the meaning behind each most famous shape of pasta.

Orecchiette, translation: little ears
Little ear pasta is for when you need someone to listen to you complain about petit problems, like that weird look a stranger gave you on the street. Did you know him from somewhere? Was there something on your face? Did he just hate the sight of you? Is he actually in love with you? What was his problem? Who cares? Little ears do.

Reginette, translation: little queens
These wavy ribbon noods let everyone, but namely your stomach, know that you rule. As anyone who’s seen The Crown knows, heavy lies THE CROWN, so if the crushing weight of monarchistic pressure is what you’re actually feeling, the cure is still to mangia pasta.

Farfalle, translation: butterfly
Perhaps the most femme of the pasta shapes, eat butterfly pasta when you’re wanting to feel like a diva.

Capelli d’angelo, translation: angel hair
You know that feeling when you look up on an overcast day at the exact moment the sun explodes through a patch of cloud, illuminating the sky with golden halo streams so brilliant, you feel like crying and laughing at the same time, and even if you believe in nothing, you swear to God that was GOD looking at you? That’s when you eat angel hair and be one with your heavenly self.

Ziti, translation: macaroni of the bride
Ziti is eaten at celebrations of holy matrimony, traditionally. Eat it when the Sopranos nostalgia hits or at any time you want.

Maltagliat, translation: badly cut
This is mistake pasta, literally meaning “poorly cut.” When you bomb a job interview because you lied on your resume but you’re a bad liar in person, fall off your bike while riding on a flat road, or submit a final report to your boss full of spelling mistakes because spell check was off and computers can’t be trusted…you are in the mood for poorly made, but still delicious, dam it, pasta. Maltagliati is a reminder that your mistakes don’t define you. It’s what you’re made of that matters.





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