The more we learn about nutrition and health, the more it is clear that a well rounded diet complete with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and minimally processed foods is the best way to prevent obesity and chronic disease.

There are no “quick fixes” or “miracle diets.”

As nutrition education gains popularity, people understand that it’s important to consider the types of ingredients that go into foods. However, now we are learning that the way foods are produced is just as important, with certain processes being much more healthy than others.

For example, when durum wheat semolina and water are combined to make pasta, the Glycemic Index is low, meaning that pasta won’t spike your blood sugar.

Additionally, pasta is the perfect vessel for other nutritious foods, like vegetables, fresh herbs, fish, and olive oil.
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Top Regions: World Pasta Production
  • Central & South America 21.0%
  • North America 14.4%
  • U.E. 33.6%
  • Other Europe 19.4%
by volume in tonnes - 2017

@Int_Pasta_Org So true!! Pasta is so popular, especially now during the pandemic, that all brands are in short supply in the Berkshires in MA. Many supermarkets only allow 2 pounds to be sold per customer

Pasta: the meaning behind each shape via @Int_Pasta_Org

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