Traditional, simple, global, ethical, different: that’s how chefs see the evolution of pasta in the next 30 years. These recipes will be on the menu of over 100 restaurants during the World Pasta Day week, from October 18th to 25th.

A journey in time crossing 3 continents and 113 restaurants with one lowest common denominator: pasta. On the occasion of World Pasta Day (25th of October), the first edition of “Al Dente” ( will donate pasta lovers a gastronomic journey crossing Italy and Europe (Germany, France and Portugal) and touching New York, Tokyo, Bali and Shanghai to taste a pasta dish coming directly from the future. More than 100 restaurants decided to participate in the festival by including their interpretation of #pasta2050 in their menus from the 18th to the 25th of October: a dish inspired to the trends that will mark pasta over the next 30 years, from globalization to simplicity, new ingredients and a new consumption ethics (see Focus 5).

Heavyweights like Heinz Beck, Chicco Cerea, Rosanna Marziale, the Alajmo brothers, and many other chefs and restaurateurs accepted the “challenge” launched by IPO and Unione Italiana Food.

According to the proposed recipes, these cooking professionals see tomorrow’s pasta as inseparably linked to yesterday’s one due to the many references to tradition and simplicity and the usual personal touch that makes pasta even more intriguing. Fun fact: long-cut pasta “leads” the ranking of the types of pasta chosen by chefs for their recipes, and spaghetti in particular, whether in its classic or innovated version (legumes meal, kamut or…iodized). Let’s now have a taste of some of the most intriguing interpretations (you will find the whole list of the participating restaurants and the recipes in the dedicated section of “Al Dente” website (

It is possible to enjoy the pasta week all over the world, thanks to the participation of Associazione Italiana Chef New York, a network of about 280 cooking professionals representing the Italian cuisine in the Big Apple. Thanks to Heinz Beck’s restaurants participation: in Dubai, it is possible to find fettuccine with pesto, burrata cheese and crumble of salted pine nuts; in Tokyo, tomorrow’s pasta is filled with pork secreto, potatoes foam and oxidized onion sauce. While in Rome, in La Pergola restaurant, chef’s proposal is a tribute to the traditional “Cacio e Pepe” refined with lime-infused white shrimps.



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