Pasta is good for your health and for the planet. Here are some useful tips for not wasting pasta cooking water and incorporating it into your beauty routine

Good for a relaxing footbath – Pasta is good for your health and can also be a precious ally for your beauty. Don’t you believe it? The pasta cooking water, for example, can be used to make a relaxing footbath because the starch contained in the cooking water has an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing action. To prepare the footbath, simply pour the lukewarm pasta cooking water into a basin where you can add coarse salt and a few drops of essential oil. And just relax …

… and for a face mask – The pasta cooking water can also be used to make some face masks at home: let the pasta water cool, pour a small amount into a small bowl where you will add oatmeal or chickpeas. Mix well and finally add a few drops of your favorite essential oil: your exfoliating face mask is ready to use!

Good for vegetables – You can re-use the pasta cooking water for other uses in the kitchen, for example to wash dishes or to cook vegetables.

Enjoy pasta!








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