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Thursday 6th April 2017, 12 noon – 2 pm CEST & 1pm – 2pm EDT

On the 6th April 2016 – exactly one year ago – a controversy erupted after a video recipe was posted online that shook up one of the most well-known pasta dishes: carbonara. This debate spread far and wide on the internet and in the Italian and international media, which dubbed it “carbonara-gate”.
For Italian purists, carbonara requires 5 ingredients and can only be made following one method. However, more innovative cooks believe that since pasta is a versatile dish, it would be wrong to impose limits on its culinary interpretation. The debate is alive and kicking and we want your opinion!
What can you do?
Teaser – Starting from 3th to the 5th April

  • Visit the event page here, click on “participate”, invite your friends to take part and share the event on your Facebook page.
  • Retweet a couple of tweets about the event on Twitter

#carbonaraday – 6th April

  • From 12 am to 2 pm CEST and from 1pm to 2pm EDT have your say on the carbonara debate.
  • Using the hashtag #carbonaraday, have your say on one of the best loved, well-known and debated Italian pasta dishes of all time and/or answer questions posted on Twitter by IPO
  • Add photos, videos and/or links to your tweet(s)
  • Retweet your favourite content!
  • Don’t forget to include the hashtag #carbonaraday in your tweets !
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Do you know that eating pasta "al dente" lowers the glycemic index? #welovepasta

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