World Pasta Day 2016


World Pasta Day 2016
(Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow, 25 October)

A journey that started in Naples in 1998 and has touched the most important cities in the world.
Countries so distant from each other are all united by the love of pasta.
Following World Pasta Day & Congress 2015 at Expo 2015 Milan,
we are now pleased to invite you to celebrate World Pasta Day 2016 in Moscow, Russia.

The program, moderated by Sergey Malozemov, author and TV presenter, included engaging speakers, discussing the high nutritional value of pasta, its accessibility and adaptability to all populations and world cultures, and its extremely low environmental impact.

Participants  attended the following four panel discussions:

  • Pasta is Good for your Health
  • Pasta is Tasty and Brings People Together
  • Pasta is a Global Food
  • Pasta is Good for the Environment

The Program for World Pasta Day 2016 is available here.

Click on the links below to download the Presentations