World Pasta Day 2016 Moscow – Penne alla Vodka is this year’s cool dish




It’s been a good year for pasta — Google’s Food Trends 2016 Report touts its comeback, elite atlete powered up with pasta meals this summer, and a new study indicates pasta doesn’t make you fat. So join in the celebration on World Pasta Day. As a nod to a veritable “United Nations of Pasta” gathering to celebrate the food holiday this year in Moscow, may we suggest a bowl of Penne alla Vodka?

Pasta lovers around the world will share a delicious and healthful pasta meal at home or in a favorite restaurant on World Pasta Day.



People from cultures worldwide enjoy their own traditional and contemporary versions of a delicious pasta meal from soba noodles in Japan to Spaghetti Berberé in Ethiopia and pasta topped with molho branco in Brazil. In Russia, this year’s cool recipe is Penne alla Vodka, a popular pasta dish with a famously Russian ingredient – vodka.

Celebrated internationally each year on October 25 since 1998, World Pasta Day recognizes the important contribution pasta has made in helping feed the world in a variety of healthful and tasty cuisines. It is a nutrition-dense, economical meal choice and one of the least environmentally intensive foods to produce.


World Pasta Day 2016

In Moscow on October 25, the International Pasta Organisation (IPO) and AIDEPI, in partnership with the ICE – Italian Trade Agency hosted industry leaders, scientists and media from around the world to discuss pasta’s high nutritional value, its accessibility and adaptability and its extremely low environmental impact.


Pasta is Global

The world’s largest pasta producers are Italy, the U.S., Turkey, Brazil and Russia.


Pasta is Good For Your Health

At the event, Russian scientists added their names to an impressive list of worldwide experts who in 2015 signed a formal scientific consensus statement about the health and sustainability benefits of pasta. Because of the way pasta is made, its glycemic index is lower than many other carbohydrate foods like white bread and white rice. This means it has a better impact on blood sugar. It provides a slow and steady source of energy and a prolonged feeling of fullness. A study, published in Nutrition & Diabetes, links pasta intake with significantly lower body mass indexes (BMIs) and central obesity.


Pasta is Good for the Environment

As one of the least intensive foods to produce, energy dense and easy to store and distribute, pasta is a great choice for a more environmentally friendly, plant-based diet.


Pasta is Tasty and Brings People Together

The popular staple is the centerpiece of traditional eating patterns, such as the Mediterranean, Asian, Latin American and vegetarian diets. There are more than 300 pasta shapes made around the world. Which will you enjoy on World Pasta Day?

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