Pasta Traditions

  • ItalyPasta is the national food of Italy, with the average Italian consuming 26 kilos per year—the most in the world! Italy also produces and exports more pasta than any other country: more than 3,300,000 and 1,700,00 tons per year respectively.
  • By the 14th century, pasta had become a popular food item.It had a long shelf life, which made it easy to carry on journeys made by ship. This is how it spread from coast-to-coast and became popular.
  • The word “pasta” comes from the Italian word for paste, meaning a combination of fl our and water.
Food Facts
  • Italian cuisine is an excellent example of the Mediterranean diet: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, cheese, grains, pasta, olive oil, and wine.
  • Italy is known for its many regional specialties.
  • Pasta (and its numerous shapes and sauces) is known as the national dish of Italy.
Fun Facts
  • The colors of the flag represent three virtues: hope (green), faith (white) and charity (red)
  • There are two independent countries in Italy. The Republic of San Marino (only 25 square miles) and the Vatican City (just 109 acres).
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