Pasta Traditions

  • German-flagGerman pasta (teigwaren)is made in over 100 different shapes, mainly from durum wheat. Other grains such as spelt are also used. Eggs are added to German noodles (nudeln) and spätzle, which makes a rich pasta that Germany is famous for.
  • Germany produces about 335,000 tonnes of pasta per year and German people eat 8 kg of pasta per person per.
Food Facts
  • German food is different in the north and south of the country. In the south, people eat more noodles and dumplings, and in the north, they use more potatoes.
  • Würste (sausages) are a favorite in Germany. They come in hundreds of varieties, and are eaten everywhere in the country.
  • Bread is usually eaten at every meal. In addition, the Germans are famous for beer (like Belgium!).
Fun Facts
  • Germany has the largest population in Europe (other than Russia). In 2012, the population was 82 million people.
  • There are 300 kinds of bread in Germany. There are even bread museums!
  • The Christmas tree tradition came from Germany.


German Style Spätzle