Pasta Traditions

  • France began its pasta tradition in the 1700s in southern France, close to Italy. It grew into a much-loved dish across the country. By the 1900s, there were pasta makers all over Paris, making vermicelli, macaroni, and lasagna.
  • Today, there are about eight big pasta factories in France, and the average per capita consumption is 8 kg per year.

Food Facts

  • French food or cuisine is often considered to be one of the best in the world. Different regions in France have different kinds of cooking (or dishes).
  • There is no general agreement on what is the national dish of France but several dishes are popular throughout the country: pot-au-feu, a slowly cooked beef and root vegetable stew; and coq au vin, chicken cooked in red wine.

Fun Facts

  • France produces over 400 types of cheese.
  • France is about the same size as Texas, with twice the population.
  • Wearing a white wedding dress is a tradition which began in France more than 500 years ago.
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