BelgiumPasta Traditions

  • The first automated pasta factory was opened in Belgium by Joseh Soubry in 1921. It still exists today! Pasta is an increasingly popular dish in the Belgian diet, often served with fresh seafood or vegetables.
  • Belgians are keen consumers of dried and chilled/fresh pasta. They eat about 5.4 kg of pasta per person per year.
Food Facts
  • Most main dishes have meat or fish.
  • Belgium is also known for chocolate and beer.
  • The national dish of Belgium is moules (mussels), often served in a steaming broth with frites (fried potatoes).
  • Other traditional dishes are: gauffres (waffles) baked using special waffle irons, and smoutebollen, a fried pastry served hot at street stalls, especially at fairs and festivals.
Fun Facts
  • Belgium produces so much chocolate that divided among all the people in Belgium, it’s enough for everyone to have several pieces every day.
  • More chocolate is sold at the Brussels International Airport than anywhere else in the world!
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