Pasta: A Unique Grain Food Webinar

This Oldways one-hour on-demand webinar, PASTA: A UNIQUE GRAIN FOOD, explains how pasta’s compact structure helps it release its energy slowly and steadily. The scientific presenters also cover the broad topic of healthy carbohydrates, traditional diets like the Mediterranean Diet, and pasta’s role in reducing obesity.

The international scientists participating in this webinar are:

Kantha Shelke, PhD Corvus Blue (Chicago, USA) on pasta as a real, traditional food, including information about its history and how its structure and manufacturing contribute to its healthfulness.

Gabriele Riccardi, MD Federico II University (Naples, Italy) on healthy carbohydrates and the low glycemic impact of pasta, and its place in the Mediterranean Diet.

Marta Garaulet Aza, PhD, DrPH University of Murcia and Garaulet Clinics (Murcia, Spain) on pasta and weight management, and more specifically, pasta’s contribution to reducing obesity in a clinical setting.

Sara Baer-Sinnott President of Oldways (Boston, USA) summarizing the presentations, including the Healthy Pasta Meal Scientific Consensus Statement.

This resource has been realized by Oldways a preferred provider for Continuing Professional Education by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in the US, and this presentation is available to health professionals worldwide also at

Pasta For Children Around The World

Pasta For Children Around the World is a food and cooking curriculum that awakens children’s excitement and interest in food and cooking — and pasta! Its four lessons teach children about healthy eating, simple cooking, and healthy pasta meals from countries around the world. The lessons are organized by region and groups of countries, and can be completed one at a time, or several countries at a time.

Anyone — parents, teachers, community leaders, health professionals, food retailers or others interested in children, food, cooking and health — can teach Pasta for Children Around the World.


Pasta for Children Around the World is now also available in Spanish and Portuguese in PDF format.

For the Brazilian Portuguese version click here:

For the Spanish version click here:

Pasta for All


The first edition of this brochure, entitled Pasta for All — for Health, for Taste and for Convenience, was unveiled at the 2007 World Pasta Day celebration, held in Mexico City, on 25 October 2007. During the 4th World Pasta Congress in Rio, on October 2010, IPO and Oldways organized a conference with scientist from 13 countries. The result was a new Scientific Consensus Statement, the first since 2004. The scientific consensus statement was outlined in a new consumer-friendly “Pasta for All” brochure, presented at the World Pasta Day 2011 event in Rome.

This brochure summarizes the scientific evidence supporting the health and economic benefits of pasta along with pasta recipes from around the world. In addition, the brochure presents the IPO and World Pasta Day. It explains the consistent accumulation of nutrition science evidence for the healthfulness of pasta and the pasta meal.  These recent findings make clear that not only is the pasta itself a health-promoting and nutritious food, but that when it is paired with its “partners” on the plate or in a bowl – olive oil, vegetables, beans, cheese, fish, or meat – pasta quite dramatically emerges as a nutritionist’s dream. It is also an overview of pasta’s popularity in most corners of the world.

Pasta has become a truly international dish, and the growing body of scientific evidence for its healthfulness is very good news for people who want to eat for health, for taste and for convenience. Pasta for All — for Health, for Taste and for Convenience  is intended for use by consumers all over the world and is now available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and French for download  in PDF format.


For the English version click here
For the Brazilian Portuguese version click here
For the Spanish version click here
For the French version click here
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Pasta For All
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